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TO-CAN Laser Diode Module Category And Classification

Coaxial type (Transistor-Outline)

Dual in-line-package

Butterfly (Butterfly)

1) Coaxial

The housing is usually cylindrical and is typically used in a 40 Gbit/s transmission system. Because of its small size, it is difficult to realize built-in cooling, and heat dissipation is an urgent problem to be solved. It is difficult to use for high power output at high currents, so it is difficult to use for long distance transmission. At present, the most important use is also in 2.5Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s short-distance transmission. However, there are already coaxial coaxial cooling technologies in development, and 10Gbit/s and 20km transmission technologies have been initially available. Due to its low cost, simple process and excellent prospects.

2) Double in-line type

The housing is usually a rectangular parallelepiped and is generally used for 2.5 Gbit/s or less. It is commonly used in communication systems such as CATV/LAN/OTDR. Usually 14 PIN, the reception is usually 8 PIN, which is evenly distributed on both ends of the length of the casing for short-distance transmission.

3) Butterfly

Similar to the way of dual in-line, the difference is that the pin pins of the dual in-line are perpendicular to the housing, and the butterfly PIN feet are parallel to the housing. Since the butterfly device has a flat PIN pin, which is more conducive to gold wire bonding, the structure and implementation functions are usually complicated. Such as 14PIN butterfly laser, can be built-in refrigerator, heat sink, ceramic block, chip, thermistor, backlight monitoring, and can support the bonding wires of all the above components, the housing area is large, heat dissipation is good, can be used for each Rate and 80km long distance transmission.

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