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The Working Principle Of Laser Diode

Crystal is a n junction formed by a P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor, which forms a space charge layer on both sides of the interface and builds a self-built electric field. When there is no external voltage, the diffusion current caused by the carrier concentration difference on both sides of the n junction is equal to the drift current caused by the self-built electric field and is in the electric equilibrium state.

When there is a positive voltage bias in the outside world, the interaction between the external electric field and the self built electric field causes positive current to increase in the carrier diffusion current.

When the external voltage bias is reversed, the external electric field and the self built electric field are further strengthened to form a reverse current I0 which is independent of the reverse bias voltage value within a certain reverse voltage range.

When the applied reverse voltage is high to a certain extent, the electric field intensity in the n junction space charge layer produces the multiplication process of the carrier in the critical value, resulting in a large number of electron hole pairs, which produces a large number of reverse breakdown currents, called diode breakdown phenomena.

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