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The Trend Of Large-scale Data Center Is Obvious Open Computing Is Concerned

The trend of large-scale data center is obvious Open computing is concerned

With the popularization of cloud computing and big data applications, data centers are becoming large-scale. Today, data centers of 100,000 and 500,000 server scales are becoming more and more common. In particular, some CSPs have large data center trends. According to relevant statistics, the server deployments of 10 hyperscale data centers around the world led by AWS, Google, and Microsoft accounted for 10% of the global server population, and this ratio has an increasing trend. Last year, only AWS one of its server purchases reached 13% of global server sales. With the substantial increase in the number of server purchases, the influence of CSP on the server market has gradually increased. OCP (Open Computing Project, Facebook, etc.), ODCC (Open Data Center Committee, BAT), Open19 (Open Data Center, LinkedIn) Various open computing organizations dominated by CSPs are playing a major role in innovation in the data center field.

Open computing is concerned

The reason why CSP is so active in participating in such organizations as OCP and ODCC is that they face some major challenges in daily data center operation and maintenance management. To meet these challenges, they hope to meet the needs of their own data centers ( The hardware architecture including servers, storage, networks, and air conditioners was redesigned. At the same time, hardware procurement methods were redesigned, and the operation and maintenance of the data center was simplified, thereby reducing procurement costs, operation and maintenance costs, and energy consumption.

In fact, many of the challenges faced by CSPs also exist in some traditional data centers. However, due to the low volume of traditional data center servers, they have not been highlighted. When CSP has hundreds or even thousands of servers installed and deployed every day, this becomes a very time-consuming and laborious task. Similarly, managing dozens or hundreds of servers and managing tens of thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of servers It's a completely different experience. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common in many CSPs (cloud service providers) that thousands of servers are newly added on the line every day, and the daily management of hundreds of thousands of servers is not a problem or a small problem is now exposed due to the increase in the number of devices. come out.

In order to meet these challenges, CSPs have made many innovations, such as reorganizing servers, networks, and storage in racks, reducing procurement costs, and increasing density. At the same time, in order to accelerate innovation and to make these innovations easier to fall into place, Facebook, etc. led the establishment of the OCP, LinkedIn led the establishment of Open19, in China was launched by the BAT and other programs (later evolved into today's ODCC).

“The work of the Open Computing Group has three main directions: first, to increase overall efficiency through centralized power supply; second, to increase the utilization rate of the cabinet; third, to increase the efficiency of operation and maintenance and reduce labor costs.” Inspur Server Products Division General Manager Chen Yanling said.

According to reports, Inspur is a core member of ODCC and participates in the formulation of a number of standards. Inspur is also a platinum member of OCP and the first member of Open19, and Inspur is by far the only server provider that has participated in the above three open computing standards organizations.

“Today, many innovations in the data center field are driven by CSPs to a large extent. Understanding the needs of CSPs has captured the forefront of data center requirements.” Chen Yanling talks about the reasons why Inspur actively participates in various open computing organizations. Indicated.

Of course, standing at the perspective of an open computing organization also requires a server vendor like Inspur. After all, server manufacturers are better at product production, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery. With the help of Inspur and other server vendors, standards for various open computing organizations can be made more feasible and complete, and they can also be used in conjunction with the industry's upstream and downstream standards. Do a good job matching and shorten the standard landing time.

The entire rack server market rises

Interestingly, whether OCP, ODCC, or Open19, many of their innovations are reflected in the overall design of the cabinet: On the one hand, through centralized power supply, centralized cooling, to reduce power and fan (or increase fan efficiency) to reduce procurement The cost, on the other hand, is to adjust and optimize the cabinet space to increase the overall installed density of the cabinet and save space costs. For example, in order to increase the installed density in the cabinet, the OCP uses a 21-inch inner width that is 19 inches wider than a conventional standard cabinet so that three 6.5-inch motherboards and five 3.5-inch panels can be placed side by side. The hard disk, through this improvement, increased the space utilization of the cabinet from 73% to 87.5%. More than that, in order to maximize innovations, these organizations have come up with various reference specifications for the design of server products for entire racks.

In fact, with the rapid growth of the CSP market, as an effective means to help large-scale data centers to solve the installation and deployment of servers to simplify the operation and maintenance, the entire rack of servers is being recognized and adopted by more and more CSP. For example, in China, Baidu, China Telecom and Tencent have deployed Tianyi's entire cabinet products. Among them, Inspur's entire cabinet server has become a complete machine due to features such as high-density, large-grained delivery, centralized power supply, cooling, and management. The main power of the cabinet server market.

Chen Yanling introduced that Inspur's entire rack server has the following salient features: First, centralized power supply, centralized heat dissipation, this concentration allows the power supply efficiency of the cabinet to increase by about 20%; the second is to support high-density computing nodes, compared to the general The deployment density of servers can be doubled; third, resource pooling. Using SAS Switch allows users to quickly implement hard disk resource pooling through software, and also realizes PCIe-based GPU resource pooling. Fourth, it provides good support for integrated delivery. This is critical for a very large-scale data center: On the one hand, and the traditional node-by-node deployment, Inspur's entire rack delivery can be upgraded 8-10 times faster; on the other hand, it can be applied to all IT equipment such as nodes during operation and maintenance. The centralized monitoring and expansion of the power supply, fan, and the like have been realized, and the automatic reporting and management of IT equipment asset information has been realized, and the energy consumption of the system has been optimized.

It is worth mentioning that, in cooperation with CSP, Inspur has also created a JDM model, which is to jointly carry out product innovation by achieving full connection with CSP from the demand and R&D end, procurement end, and production end. Chen Yanling said that Inspur can launch many open computing server nodes today, and the JDM model has provided a lot of help. For example, the Inspur SR rack cabinet server, which is based on the JDM model, has become a model of the Internet custom server; the SR-AI cabinet server and the ABC all-in-one machine jointly launched by Inspur and Baidu are more like this model. Excellent crystallization.

It is reported that at present, Inspur has established cooperative relationships with at least five of the top 10 CSPs in the world. It is through in-depth cooperation with these top CSPs that it promotes the ability and speed of Inspur's product innovation, and also changes the traditional development model of Inspur. Improve the overall competitiveness of the Inspur in the market, and let the wave of lofty aspirations go even further and further in the next global market competition

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