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The Generation Of Lasers

Before talking about the mechanism of laser generation, let's talk about stimulated radiation. There are three kinds of radiation processes in light radiation,

One is the spontaneous transition of a particle in a high-energy state to a low-energy state, called spontaneous radiation;

The second is that the particles in high energy state jump to the Low-energy state under the excitation of the external light, which is called stimulated radiation.

The third is that the energy of the particles absorbing the external light in the Low-energy state is called stimulated absorption.

Spontaneous radiation, even if two particles that jump from one high energy state to a low-energy state, they emit light phase, polarization state, the direction of launch may also be different, but the stimulated radiation is different, when the high energy state of the particles in the excitation of foreign photons to the low energy state jump, issued in the frequency, phase, The state of polarization is identical to that of a foreign photon. In the laser, the radiation is stimulated radiation, it emits a laser in the frequency, phase, polarization state, and so on exactly the same. Any stimulated light system, that is, stimulated radiation, also stimulated absorption, only stimulated by the dominant radiation, can be amplified by the external light emitting laser. The general light source is stimulated absorption is dominant, only the equilibrium state of the particle is broken, so that the high energy state of the number of particles than the low energy state of the number of particles (such a situation called ion number inversion), to emit laser.

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