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The Development Of Laser Diode

A light source invented in the 60 's, named Laser, is the acronym for "Stimulated Emission amplification" in English.

The homogeneous GaAs laser diode with pulsed stimulated emission under 77K was first developed in the autumn of 1962.

1964 to increase its operating temperature to room temperature.

1969 produced a single heterogeneous laser diode with pulsed working at room temperature,

The Ga1-xalxas/gaas dual heterogeneous junction (DH) laser diode was manufactured at room temperature in 1970. Since then, the laser diode has developed rapidly. 1975 GA1-XALXAS/GAASDH Laser diode life expectancy increased to more than 105 hours. IN1-XGAXAS1-YPY/INP long wavelength DH laser diode has also made significant progress, thus promoting the development of optical fiber communication and other applications. In addition, far-infrared wavelength laser diodes made of pb1-xsnxte and other Ⅳ-ⅵ materials have appeared.

At present, diode-pumped solid-state lasers are widely used in many fields, such as military, medicine and industry.

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