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The Characteristics Of Laser Diode

When the laser diode injection current is below the critical current density, the luminescence mechanism is mainly spontaneous emission, the spectrum dispersion is wide, the frequency width is about 100 to 500 ed (=10-1 Nano, the magnitude of the atom diameter is the number of IO). However, when the current density exceeds the critical value, it begins to generate oscillation, leaving only a few modes, and the frequency width decreases below 30. Moreover, the laser diode consumes very little power, taking the dual-heterogeneous structure laser as an example, the maximum rated voltage is usually below 2 volts, the input current is between 15 and 100 ma, the power consumption is often less than one watt, and the output power is above dozens of watts.

One of the characteristics of the laser diode is the ability to modulate the output light directly from the current. Because of the linear relationship between the output light power and the input current, the laser diode can use analog or digital current to modulate the output light directly, and dispense the expensive modulator, so that the application of diode is more economical and affordable.

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