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TEC --- Thermo Electric Cooler Is A Kind Of Creative Advice Used In Optical Communication Industry

Thermo Electric Cooler is made using the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials. The so-called Peltier effect refers to the fact that when a direct current passes through a couple of two semiconductor materials, one end absorbs heat and one end emits heat. The heavily doped N-type and P-type germanium tellurides are mainly used as semiconductor materials for TECs. The germanium telluride devices are electrically connected in series and generate heat in parallel. The TEC includes a number of P-type and N-type pairs (groups) that are connected together by electrodes and sandwiched between two ceramic electrodes. When current flows from the TEC, the heat generated by the current is transmitted from one side of the TEC to the TEC. On the other side, a "hot" side and a "cold" side are created on the TEC, which is the principle of heating and cooling of the TEC.

It is the cooling or heating, and the rate of cooling and heating, which is determined by the direction and size of the current passing through it. The thermoelectric effect produced by a pair of galvanic couples is very small, so in practice, hundreds of pairs of thermocouples are connected in series, all the cold ends are concentrated on one side, and the hot ends are concentrated on the other side, so that they are produced for actual cooling. Device. If the refrigeration or heating required in the application is large, a multi-stage semiconductor refrigerator may be used. For the equipment that is operated for many years, the number of pairs of cooling elements is increased. Although some initial costs are increased, higher refrigeration can be obtained. coefficient.

The use of TEC is very extensive. The most typical applications are the temperature control of the laser and the temperature control of the PCR. As we all know, lasers are very sensitive to temperature, so the requirements for TEC are very high. Some even require the TEC and the laser to use the TO package at the same time, which requires the TEC to be very small. Not many companies can meet this requirement. Germany's Micropelt is a representative. It uses state-of-the-art thin-film technology and processes it using MEMS (micro-motor systems) to get a very small TEC.

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