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Precautions For Laser Diode

1. Lasers emitted by laser diodes may cause damage to human eyes. When the diode is working, it is strictly forbidden to gaze directly at its end face, to direct the laser through the lens, or to observe the laser through the mirror.

2. The device needs the suitable drive power supply, the instantaneous reverse current cannot surpass 2uA, the reverse voltage must not surpass 3V, otherwise may damage the device. The measure of preventing inrush current when the power supply is disconnected. Use the oscilloscope to test the drive circuit, to disconnect the power supply and then connect the oscilloscope probe, if in the case of power Test probe, may cite inrush current damage device.

3. Devices should be stored or working in a clean environment.

4. Working at a higher temperature will increase the threshold current, lower the conversion frequency and accelerate the aging of the device. When adjusting the light input quantity, the power meter should be detected to prevent exceeding the large rated output.

5. The output power is higher than the specified parameters and will accelerate the aging of components.

6. The machine needs the sufficient heat dissipation or in the refrigeration condition use, the laser diode temperature strictly controls under 20 degrees, guaranteed the life.

7. Diode is a electrostatic sensitive device, in the human body has a good case can be taken, anti-static can be used to anti-static bracelet method.

8. The output wavelength of the laser is affected by the working current and the heat dissipation to maintain a good heat dissipation condition and reduce the temperature of the tube core at work. The radiator prevents the laser diode from overheating at work.

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