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Other Feature Of DWDM ,applied To Different System

OADM and OXC functions of DWDM system

OADM can provide optical signals of wavelengths at any optical relay site as needed (currently 8 waves can be achieved). This function works with OXC to send any optical signal from any port to any wavelength of the system. So that even if the optical signals of the two upper ports are the same, they will not cause blocking. The same way, the port assignment function can also be used to drop a certain downstream wavelength to any port as needed, which greatly expands the flexibility of the OADM application. In addition, the combination of OADM and OXC can provide protection modes such as two-fiber unidirectional multiplex section protection, two-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection, and channel protection, so that the self-healing ring type networking can be realized, and the system performance is safe. reliable. (defender editor)

Application of DWDM technology in power system

The advent of new communication devices does not indicate a denial of the original equipment and technology, but should be inheritance, development and innovation. The 64k subrate—PDH—SDH—DWDM reflects and follows this principle. From the current application analysis of power systems, the DWDM technology level of wavelength division multiplexing can not completely replace SDH, but it can cooperate with SDH technology division, learn from each other's strengths, optimize power communication network, improve communication bandwidth and ensure network system security. And stable.

From the current dense optical wave multiplexing (DWDM) equipment and technology, the device not only needs to use components such as optical amplifier, splitter, multiplexer, dispersion compensation, but also more fiber jumpers. In theory, DWDM ratio SDH devices have a higher probability of failure, so it is unscientific to use DWDM to transmit scheduling data.

From another perspective, DWDM, as a complement and complement to SDH, is fully capable of providing a protection channel for scheduling data transmission. In addition, the network management data of SDH is based on packet transmission, and most of them are Ethernet. Therefore, WDM DWDM technology can provide protection channel for SDH network management, and SDH can also stabilize DWDM network management to provide protection channel.

We can predict that the promotion and implementation of DWDM technology will provide strong support in high-definition conference TV, remote video surveillance and NGN to enhance the bandwidth of power communication. The biggest advantage is high performance and low price. . Scientific and rational division of DWDM and SDH services can give full play to their respective advantages, reduce the pressure on network management, and improve the level of communication operation and management.


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