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DWDM :Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing-the Advantages

What are the domestic DWDMs operated by major operators? Almost all of the widely used open DWDM systems, in fact, integrated dense wavelength division multiplexing systems have their own many advantages:

1. The combiner and splitter of the integrated DWDM system are used separately at the originating end and the receiving end, that is, only the combiner is at the origin, and only the splitter is at the receiving end, and both the receiving end and the transmitting end are removed. OTU conversion equipment (this part is more expensive)? Therefore, the investment in DWDM system equipment can save more than 60%.

2. The integrated DWDM system uses only passive components (such as: combiner or splitter) at the receiving end and the originating end. The telecom operation unit can directly order the device manufacturer, reduce the supply link, and lower the cost, thereby saving equipment costs. .

3. The open DWDM network management system is responsible for: OTM (mainly OTU), OADM, OXC, EDFA monitoring, and its equipment investment accounts for about 20% of the total investment of the DWDM system; while the integrated DWDM system does not require OTM equipment, The network management is only responsible for the monitoring of OADM, OXC, and EDFA. It can introduce more manufacturers to compete, and its network management cost can be saved by about half compared with the open DWDM network management.

4. Since the multiplexed wave/demultiplexing device of the integrated DWDM system is a passive device, it is convenient to provide multiple services and multi-rate interfaces, as long as the wavelength of the optical transceiver of the service end device meets G. The 692 standard, that is, PDH, SDH, POS (IP), ATM and other services, support PDH, SDH of various speeds such as 8M, 10M, 34M, 100M, 155M, 622M, 1G, 2.5G, 10G, etc. , ATM and IP Ethernet? Avoiding the open DWDM system due to OTU, can only use SDH, ATM or IP Ethernet devices with optical wavelength (1310nm, 1550nm) and transmission rate determined by the purchased DWDM system? It is impossible to use other interfaces at all.

5. If the laser device module of optical transmission equipment such as SDH and IP router is uniformly designed as the standard geometric size pin, the interface is standardized, which is convenient for maintenance and plugging, and the connection is reliable. In this way, the maintenance personnel can freely replace the laser head of a specific color wavelength according to the wavelength requirement of the integrated DWDM system, which provides a convenient condition for the fault maintenance of the laser head, and avoids the drawback that the whole board must be replaced by the whole factory before. High maintenance costs.

6. The color wavelength light source is only slightly more expensive than the ordinary 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength light sources. For example, the 2.5G color color wavelength light source is currently more than 3,000 yuan, but when it is connected to the integrated DWDM system, it can The cost of the cost system is reduced by nearly 10 times, and with the large number of applications of color wavelength sources, the price will be close to that of ordinary light sources.

7. The integrated DWDM device has a simple structure and a smaller volume, and only about one-fifth of the space occupied by the open DWDM saves the resources of the computer room.

In summary, the integrated DWDM system should be widely used in a large number of DWDM transmission systems, and gradually replace the dominant position of the open DWDM system. Considering that optical transmission equipment with a large number of common light sources is currently in use on the network, it is recommended to use integrated and open-compatible hybrid DWDM to protect the upfront investment.

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