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Detectors:applicable Category ,function Method And Definition

Detector (physical experiment instrument)

A detector is an indispensable device for the observation and recording of particles, nuclear physics and particle physics experiments. Detectors can be divided into two categories: counters and track detectors.

Metal detectors use the principle of electromagnetic induction and use alternating coils to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field.

Detectors can be divided into two categories: counters and track detectors, which are described in detail below.

There are ionization chambers, proportional counters, Geiger-Müller counters, scintillation detectors, Cherenkov counters, semiconductor detectors, and more. Its purpose is mainly to record the number/intensity of particles and to convert the energy information carried by the particles into electric signals of corresponding size. The counter is generally required to have a certain time resolution, ie, the time at which two successive particles enter the counter. Often counters are often used in conjunction with scaling and compliance circuits.

The calibration circuit is a circuit that counts pulses into a system. By using a counter and a calibration circuit, particles can be quickly counted. A conforming circuit is formed by combining two or more counting tubes with an electronic circuit. It can specifically record only those particles that make the counter tubes cooperate, and do not react to the particles that only make one counter tube act to record the desired particle.

Track detector

There are cloud room, bubble room, streamer room, spark room, multi-wire proportional room, nuclear emulsion and so on. It can show the track through which particles travel. The track detector is equipped with an appropriate magnetic field, and the charge, mass and energy of the particles can be inferred from the length of the track, the thickness, the direction of the bend, and the radius of curvature of the bend.

Food metal detector

Application scope:

Ø It is specially used for the detection of iron metal and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as meat, fungi, candy, beverages, food, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives, and condiments.

Ø Detection of metal impurities in chemical raw materials, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fiber and toys

Ø For the detection of metal impurities in medicine, health products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, paper products

21EHERO-500QZ intelligent memory digital metal detector product features:

1. Using the latest generation of digital signal processing (DSP) technology and intelligent algorithms to improve the detection accuracy and stability; it is also the only digital metal detector using DSP technology in China. Japan imported chips.

2. The use of German automatic filter technology (phase adjustment technology) can effectively suppress product effects; it can detect products with relatively large product effects, such as frozen food, meat, rice, and pickled products;

3, With intelligent settings, the device can automatically set the best sensitivity for the product being tested, the operation is simple and convenient.

4,Memory function: the best sensitivity is saved, the next test can be directly detected, can store more than 50 kinds of product detection parameters;

5, LCD screen display, Chinese and English menu screen, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue operation;

6, Can detect iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead and other metal materials

7, flexible digital sensitivity control methods and a variety of advanced manual settings; a variety of specifications to choose from, to adapt to different material detection sensitivity requirements;

8, All stainless steel SUS304 manufacturing, high-grade protective motor for selection;

9, The highest IP69 protection class; line part built inside the probe head, reducing external environmental corrosion, operating panel, motor box double waterproof, suitable for particularly harsh working environment;

10, A simple removable rack, user-friendly cleaning; special design of the conveyor belt to avoid conveyor belt deviation,

11, A variety of exclusion methods to choose from; accurate elimination control, to ensure that the foreign material is removed from the least material waste.

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