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Detection Method Of Laser Diode

(1) Resistance measurement method: Remove the laser diode, use the multimeter rx1k or rx10k file to measure its positive and reverse resistance value. Normal, the forward resistance value is between 20~40kω, the reverse resistance value is ∞ (infinity). If the measured positive resistance has exceeded 50kω, the performance of the laser diode has decreased. If the measured positive resistance value is greater than 90kω, the diode has been seriously aging and can no longer be used.

(2) Current measurement method: Using a multimeter to measure the voltage drop at both ends of the load resistor in the laser diode driving circuit, and then estimating the current value of the tube flowing through the Ohm's law, when the current exceeds 100mA, if the laser power potentiometer is adjusted and the current is not changed, the laser diode can be judged to be seriously aging. If the current is soaring and out of control, the optical resonator of the laser diode is damaged.

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