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Common Parameters Of Laser Diode

⑴ Wavelength: laser tube working wavelength, can be used for photoelectric switch laser tube wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm, 690nm, 780nm, 810nm, 860nm, 980nm and so on.

⑵ threshold Current ith: that is, the laser tube began to produce a laser oscillation of the current, for the general small-power laser tube, the value of about dozens of MA, the strain of the quantum well structure of the laser tube threshold current can be lower than 10mA.

⑶ operating Current IOP: that is, the laser tube to achieve the rated output power of the driving current, this value for the design and debugging of laser driving circuit is more important.

⑷ Vertical Divergence angle θ⊥: The light-emitting Band of the laser diode is open in the direction of the vertical PN junction, usually around the 15˚~40˚.

⑸ Horizontal Divergence angle Θ∥: The light-emitting Band of the laser diode is in the angle of the parallel direction of Pn Junction, usually around 6˚~ 10˚.

⑹ monitor Current im: that is, the current that the laser tube flows through the pin when the output power is rated.

Laser diode on the computer's optical drive, laser printers in the print head, bar code scanners, laser ranging, laser medical, optical communications, laser indicators, such as small-power photoelectric equipment has been widely used in stage lighting, laser surgery, laser welding and laser weapons and other high-power equipment has also been applied.

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