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A Brief Introduction To Laser Diode

The basic structure of a semiconductor laser diode: A pair of parallel planar components, perpendicular to the PN Junction, that are Fabry-Perot resonators, which can be cleavage surfaces of semiconductor crystals or polished surfaces. The remaining two sides are relatively coarse, which eliminates the laser action in other directions outside the main direction.

Light emission in semiconductors usually results from the recombination of carriers. When the PN junction of a semiconductor is plus a forward voltage, will weaken the PN junction barrier, forcing electrons from the N region through the PN Junction into the P-region, the hole from the P region through the PN Junction into N, the injected PN junction near the Non-equilibrium electrons and holes will be composite, thus emitting a wavelength λ of the photon, the formula is as follows:

λ= Hc/eg⑴

In the formula: H Planck constant; C-speed of light; The bandgap width of the eg-semiconductor.

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