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10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577

10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577

10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577 1. Product Introction of the 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577. This 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577, with high...

Product Details

10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577

1. Product Introction of the 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577

This BOSAis a high performanceoptical sub-assembly in single fiber by using 1270nm transmitter and

1577nm receiver.

The transmitter section uses a multiple quantum well 1270nm DFB laser supporting burst-mode operation.

The receiver section uses an integrated1577nmAPD and preamplifier mounted in a TO-can.

2. Product Application, Feature, Standard of the 10G XGS-PON BSA ROeceptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577


 10G XGSPON symmetric SFP+ transceiver, ONU

 10 G EthernetAccess Networks symmetric SFP+, ONU


 Single fiberAPC receptacle type bi-directionaltransmissiondesign for 10G XGPON ONU

 Symmetric10GbpsTx burst mode and 10Gbps Rx CW data rate

 Integrated micro-opticsWDM filters for dual wavelengthTx/Rxoperation at 1270/1577nm

 1270nm InGaAsP/InPMQW DFB laser diode transmission with InGaAs monitor photodiode

 1577nm digitalAPD-TIAcontinuous mode receiver

 FlexPCB standardping-out

 Optical reflectionfree with built-in 1270nm free space isolator

 Highoptical isolation from external 1577nm source, and low optical cross-talk from internal 1270nm


 -40C to +85C industrial temperature with excellent temperature dependent power tracking error


 ITU-T987.2 10G XGPON-2 communicationprotocol

 Compliant withTelcordiaGR-468 reliability test criterion

 Compliant with RoHS6standard

3. Absolute Maximum Ratings






Forward Current for LD





Reverse Voltage for LD





Forward Current for MPD





Reverse Voltage for MPD





APD Reverse Voltage





TIA Supply Voltage





Operating Temp





Storage Temperature





Storage Relative Humidity





Soldering Temperature





ESD threshold





(*1): For soldering by iron and 10 seconds on leads

4. Transmitter Electro-Optical Characteristics (TC=25°C, CW)


(*2): Launched into 9/125um SMF, measured with a master plug and an extra receptacle (*3): Pf =10xlog (Pf(Tc)/Pf (25°C)), Im hold(@Pf=2.5mW, 25°C)

5. Receiver Electro-Optical Characteristics (TC=25°C, Vcc=3.3V)



6. Other Characteristics


(*4): Same plug orientation, same SC/UPC patchcord, 5 times, Launched into 9/125 m SMF, measured with a master plug and an extra receptacle

7. Production Details of 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577


8. Production Qualification of the 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577


9. Diliver, Shipping and Serving of the 10G XGS-PON BOSA Receptacle Symmetric ONU BOSA T10G/R10G T1270nm/R1577
Competitive selling prices;
Warranty: 1-3 years warranty;
Excellent after-sale service;
Samples are available for testing;
Reply your inquiry within 24 hours;
You can get our support online at 24*7;
Big capability of manufacture and fast delivery time;
With experienced technical team supporting;
Customized label and package, ODM and OEM service offered;
100% new materials for production and 100% reliable quality.

10. FAQ
Q1: What is your minumum order?

A1: To acheieve customers' satisfaction, we accept sample order, even one piece.

Q2: What is your lead time for sampling?
A2: It is about 1-3 working days after payment received.

Q3: What is your lead time for bulks?
A3: So far, for bulks order within 1000 pcs, our delivery time is about one week.

Q4: What is your delivery term?
A4: Ex Works, FOB Shenzhen, CIF discharge port are what we always do so far.

Q5: What is your payment term?
A5: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc. We can further discuss.

Q6: Do you ship internationally?
A6: Yes, we can ship anywhere you would like. If we receive your payment slip, we will ship the goods via our delivery forwarder or on your shipping account number. To calculat the best shipping cost for you, pls kindly inform us your post code. If you need us to declare the amount to reducing the import tax, please discuss with our sales on line.

11. Latest News
WDM technology can take advantage of the resources of the enormous bandwidth of single-mode fiber low-loss areas.
Type according to the lightwave frequency for each channel (or wavelength), the low-loss window of the optical fiber is divided into a certain channel, as the lightwave carrier signal, using a WDM (wave) on the transmit side, the different provisions The carrier of the wavelength of the signal light combined into the single optical fiber for transmission.
At the receiving end, separated from the carrier by a wavelength division multiplexer (demultiplexer) these different wavelengths of light to carry different signals. Since the different wavelengths of the optical carrier signal can be regarded as independent of each other (without regard to fiber nonlinearity), thereby multiplex transmission of the multiplexed optical signal in an optical fiber can be realized.
Fiber access technology
Optical fiber access network is the information superhighway "last mile". High speed, to meet the needs of the public, not only have a broadband backbone transmission network, user access is the key, optical fiber access network high-speed information flow into millions of households the key technologies to achieve information transmission. In the fiber-optic broadband access, fiber reaches the different positions, there FTTB, of FTTC, FTTCab and FTTH different applications, collectively FTTx.FTTH (FTTH) is the ultimate way of fiber-optic broadband access, which provides all-optical access, therefore, can take advantage of fiber optic broadband characteristics, to provide users with unrestricted bandwidth needed to fully meet the demand for broadband access. At present, the domestic technology can provide users with bandwidth of FE or GE is an ideal access for users of large and medium-sized enterprises.
The development of optical fiber communication technology
In recent years, as technology advances, telecommunications management system reform, as well as step-by-step full liberalization of the telecommunications market, the development of optical communications again presented the booming new situation, the following major development in the field of optical fiber communication hot spots for a simple above and prospects, to the development of ultra-high-speed system, the evolution of the large-capacity WDM system.
From the point of view in recent years, the development of optical communications, building one of the largest transparent, highly flexible and large-capacity national backbone optical network not only for the future of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) has laid a solid physical basis, but also on China's information industry of the next century and take-off of the national economy and national security is extremely important strategic significance. The development of optical fiber communication industry is an irreversible trend of modern communication.

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